This video showcases the beauty of the Machias River as it comes into and ends at Machias Maine at Bad Little Falls Park.

This video highlights many of my journeys within Downeast Maine this past year of 2020. Turn up the sound and enjoy.

A video tour of Lubec Maine, winter 2021.
This is a virtual tour I created for Washington Academy in East Machias Maine.
Machias is a Wabanaki word that means “bad little falls.” The Machias river cuts through the center of Machias and ends here at Bad Little Falls Park. We had a ton of rain recently and the falls are raging! Turn up the sound and here the power of this incredible place in DownEast Maine. For this video I used a DJI Mavic Pro 4 with PolarPro 8ND polarized filter shot in 4k @24fps and for the ground video, I used my Sony NX80 4k NXCAM at 30 FPS and 24FPS.

This is a video just after snowfall, showcasing Machias Maine and Bad Little Falls Park.

I was hired again to film and create a video for the Graduation for Washington Academy High School graduation for the class of 2021. I filmed all aerial and ground camera footage and did all of the post editing. 

I created this short film showcasing peak season in Washington County Downeast Maine. I traveled through much of downeast flying in Northfield, Machias, Robbinston, Dennysville, Calais, Princeton, Columbia, Whiting, East Machias and Edmunds. The leaves on the trees are amazing but the wild Blueberry Barrens at the end are incredible!

Nothing blows me away more than the vast wild blueberry barrens in Downeast Maine. In the fall they turn a rich deep red. 🍂🍁
This is Beals Island Bridge, it connects Jonesport, Maine to Beals Island, Maine. Another beautiful place in Downeast Maine!
One of my favorite places, Roque Bluffs Beach, Maine. Enjoy the sounds of the waves.
This was a fun yet challenging video to make. Took a little hiking and well worth it! Views of Grand Manan, right on the Bay of Fundy and the Bold Coast of Maine! Here we have Wallace, it sits next to Carrying Place Cove in Lubec.