Happy New Year Everyone. A HUGE Thank you to all of my clients and supporters throughout this past year! This is my Year in Review / Highlight reel of 2022. It shows what I am up to and what I was focused on in 2022. I do alot of showcasing properties for Real Estate, Monitor construction projects such as RH Foster’s new Freshies in Pembroke and just completed a 1.5 year construction monitoring project for the U.S. Coast Guard. I sell prints of all my work, film Graduations (Washington Academy and The University of Maine at Machias Commencement), Filmed the Jonesport Planning board meetings for the Kingfish Application/Permit representing Story Silo Media. I have been making commercials with Whitney’s Tri-Town Marine and was hired by Perennial Films out of California to help with filming a Documentary. I also get hired for many custom projects for companies and people just wanting their home or camp captured with film or photos (even as gifts!). I love traveling the beautiful state of Maine and filming and taking photos for the fun of it. Thank you again and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2023!

It was a beautiful fall in Maine, and I have seen so much beauty! Here is my 2022 Maine Fall Foliage video. Crank the volume and feel free to share, enjoy!

In order: Wesley, Little Seavey Lake, Bog Lake, Bog Stream Northfield Orange Lake, Whiting Pembroke, Reversing Falls Hedgehog mountain, Aroostook County Plunkett Pond, South Aroostook Eagle Lake Harriman Point, Brooklin Fox Pond, Franklin Tunk Mountain, Franklin Cherryfield Gardner Lake, Whiting Jasper Beach, Bucks Harbor Machias Sandy River Beach, Jonesport Lubec East Machias Bar Harbor Maine Wild Blueberry Barrens in Columbia Falls

What a year! It flew by fast for me. This is my highlight reel for 2021. I travel all over this incredible state photographing and filming for many different projects. I love to share the sights I see with all of you.

One of the benefits of my job is getting to travel and see Maine at its most beautiful time. This trip was extra special because my wife Sandi and dog Bella joined me! ❤ 🍂🍁 We start off in Penobscot County, Patten, then traveling up RT. 11 to Fort Kent in Aroostook and back down out past Millinocket and then down through Washington County in Topsfield. You will see amazing colors, rivers, towns, and mountains (Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Chase).

Turn up the volume and join me on a scenic adventure of the most eastern town in the USA, and one of my favorite places in the world, Lubec, Maine! ♥💙💚 This short film is a highlight reel of over 5 years of footage I captured throughout Lubec.

See views of Machias in the morning under a magical blanket of mist and fog.

This video showcases the beauty of the Machias River as it comes into and ends at Machias Maine at Bad Little Falls Park.

This video highlights many of my journeys within Downeast Maine in 2020. Turn up the sound and enjoy.

A video tour of Lubec Maine, winter 2021.
This is a virtual tour I created for Washington Academy in East Machias Maine.
Machias is a Wabanaki word that means “bad little falls.” The Machias river cuts through the center of Machias and ends here at Bad Little Falls Park. We had a ton of rain recently and the falls are raging! Turn up the sound and here the power of this incredible place in DownEast Maine. For this video I used a DJI Mavic Pro 4 with PolarPro 8ND polarized filter shot in 4k @24fps and for the ground video, I used my Sony NX80 4k NXCAM at 30 FPS and 24FPS.

This video of Machias, Maine is more of a ride than a tour. It shows you what editing, music, and a drone are capable of.

I was hired again to film and create a video for the Graduation for Washington Academy High School graduation for the class of 2021. I filmed all aerial and ground camera footage and did all of the post editing. 

I created this short film showcasing peak season in Washington County Downeast Maine. I traveled through much of downeast flying in Northfield, Machias, Robbinston, Dennysville, Calais, Princeton, Columbia, Whiting, East Machias and Edmunds. The leaves on the trees are amazing but the wild Blueberry Barrens at the end are incredible!

Nothing blows me away more than the vast wild blueberry barrens in Downeast Maine. In the fall they turn a rich deep red. 🍂🍁
This is Beals Island Bridge, it connects Jonesport, Maine to Beals Island, Maine. Another beautiful place in Downeast Maine!
One of my favorite places, Roque Bluffs Beach, Maine. Enjoy the sounds of the waves.

This is a commercial I made with Whitney’s Tri-Town Marine in Machias. Would you like to hire me to create a commercial for you? Contact me now 207-271-1499