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Showcase your progress on a project or construction site

Document your progress for the most impact

If you have a construction project and would like to see an overview of progress, aerial video and or photos is an effective way to do it. Document progress once a week or once a month, it’s up to you. 

I can provide a specific quote for you once we discuss the unique elements of your project. 

This is a construction project update I performed for the Town of Machias at KMVM – Machias Valley Airport in Machias Maine. It shows the entire area and progress made. 

Note: The airport was closed for the day so I could legally fly over and around the airport with my drone. No one should attempt to fly a drone in or even near an airport without special clearance/permission.

The Power of Waypoint Mission and Transitions

With my drone, I can clearly track the progression of construction and other types of projects by running waypoint missions. Waypoint missions allow me to pre-program a sequence of actions for my drone to perform, press start, and watch as my drone executes the sequence autonomously. This is useful because it is consistent, even if performing the mission years later, it will run the mission just like the first time. This video shows how I am using waypoint missions for a client. I am monitoring the progress of the Rice blueberry farm in Lubec.

After I run waypoint missions during different stages of the project, I can blend the footage together and create a seamless transition video showing before and after progress.

Travel & Tourism Promotion

Capture a bird's-eye view of all your region has to offer.

Nothing tells the story of an area better than high-definition video.

Videos work best to promote special attractions in your area to increase tourism. Spread the word on social media, your website, travel/tourism trade shows, fairs and conferences.

Show people why they want to visit your special attraction/area with a high impact video.

This is a video of East Quoddy Head Lighthouse on Campobello Island in NB Canada. Check out the video of West Quoddy Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine here